Regular offline classes - 5 days a week in the serene ambiance of Canara union, Malleswaram, Bangalore. Timing 10:30-11:30 AM Regular online classes - 5 days a week in the convenience of your homes. YOGA THERAPY 1-hour sessions scheduled after consultation and customized according torequirements. Taichi andmeditation sessions may be booked on an hourly basis.

Health & Wellness services & Products

Health & Wellness is a holistic integration of physical, mental, and spiritualwell-being, nurturing the body, calming the mind, to experience the oneness with the inner self inits natural state at all times

It encompassesinterdependent dimensions: Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Social, Spiritual, Vocational, Financial, and Environmental.

In our pursuit of maintainingand enhancing the wellbeing of society, we have wellness products and healthkits.Our wellnessproducts and kits are based on the experience and expertise of consultants andcounselors in the field of Ayurveda, Integrated and Holistic medicine,Psychology and Life coaches.


Yoga creates space to unveil layers inthe mind and heart. It opens up channels to experience a continuum flow of energyin the body. Yoga makes one aware of subtleties of the mind to be steady andstable under all circumstances.

Yoga nurtures within usto feel the beauty of nature and creation, connect with others andlive in harmony and peace within the self.

Yoga therapy  involves employing a variety ofyoga practices  to improvea health condition or to ease a natural process, such as diabetes, back pain, pregnancy, or menopauseand psychological issues like stress, and depression. The yogic tools used therapeutically are asana (thephysical postures), Pranayama (breathing exercises), Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Counseling, Guided Imagery, and Diet Recommendations.


“Undisturbed calmness of mind is attained bycultivating friendliness toward the happy, compassion for the unhappy, delightin the virtuous, and indifference toward the wicked.”– Patanjali, The YogaSutras of Patanjali

“Meditation is aprocess of trusting the basic goodness of what we have and who we are, and ofrealizing that any wisdom that exists, exists in what we already have. 

Some of the ones offered are

Cyclic Meditation, 3D Awareness, Breathing Meditation, Home Meditation, Visual Imageryand Gratitude Meditation.


Taichi involves slow, flowing, gracefulmovements that help to harness and invigorate the body's energy or chi[qi]. 

There are different styles and forms of doing taichi. It is a meditativemovement exercise, that builds strength and balance in the body and mind. 

We adoptthe Yang style of taichi for its slow, flowing movements which can be practicedby anyone at any level of fitness.


Care and wellness program for women in the child bearing age has been well received with good results.

The key feature in samathvam for pre/postnatal satvaajaya , prasoothi chethana and ahara , yoga , care and remedies.


Yoga day June 24th 2018 , was celebrated by donating yoga mats to specially challenged children of Dharitri, a Residential School for the specially abled, near tumkur.

Underprivileged women were encouraged to showcase their talent and were given basic home necessities on Women's Day 2017. Hand made cloth masks were were distributed to Frontline workers during the covid lockdown 2020

Samathvam worked with the team which helped migrants to go back to their homes by offering them food for travel in Bangalore during covid times and also ration kits were distributed to families for six months ration.

We were also part of the Malleswaram local for waste segregation under Malleswaram social group, to create awareness during the covid 2020 and also was part of promoting eco friendly packaging and covers to the local vendors in the Malleswaram market under the M E T bags in plastic- out project.

Santhe & Mela

Santhe & Mela [ exhibitions and sale] are theactivities of samathvam which is an endeavor to bring together home-basedproducts, women entrepreneurs, NGOs, and startups under one umbrella to showcase their products. 

Samathvam has successfully conducted andorganized many such events since 2019 at different venues.

Each one has given enormous support andencouragement from all parts of society towards products ranging from clothing, jewelry to pickles and masalas. 

Pre /post natal care for women

Care and wellness program for women in the child bearing age has been well received with good results .

The key feature in samathvam for pre/postnatal satvaajaya, prasoothi chethana and ahara, yoga, care and remedies.

pregnancy yoga sessions are taken during all the trimesters.


Workshops are conducted for elders, inschools, for specially-abled children, to address women s health issues. 

Special features arethe annual celebration of Rathasapthami wherein 108 Surya namaskars areperformed and the Yoga day on June 24th.


YIC yoga instructors course, inassociation with SVYASA was conducted for the first time in 2016 wherein 10students passed out with flying colors and have successfully created a career path of their own.

Trips & Tours

Trips & Tours temple tours andrecreational one-day trips have been a very popular feature of Samathvam.

TRIPS to Mysore, Melkote, Organic farms, Village life resorts and village food trips have been the most enjoyable.

Satvik Food


Paper Cover

As you all know samathvam was formed with the wellness of the society in mind how we can be of help and what we can do to awaken awareness in the minds of the people towards their responsibilities in the society. Our paper drive was also started with same initiative, the cause was towards the elimination of the use of plastic and therby help in maintaining the ecological balance in our environment. We started as a trickle by collecting newspaper and preparing covers than we went to drive to distribute them amongst the fruit and vegetables vendors and making them aware of the illl effects of using plastic, but then we decided to do it on slightly bigger scale and apart from fruit and vegetables vendors increase in target group.

After a brainstorming session we went and talked to few of them and their response was so overwhelming that we immediately went into production. Now the trickle has expanded into a full flown gush. We are proud to say that we have also provided employment to about 5 LADIES who are making cover's on regular basis and without whose support and enthusiasm it would not have been possible. Special thanks to Mrs. Sangeetha Bhatkal who has been very enthusiastic and support for the drive.

SAM” Summer “SAM” Camp at “Samathvam”

When you think of summer holidays-summer camp for children is the 1st thing that comes to mind. Samathvam was also not far behind with this idea.

A 10days summer camp was organized for age group 8-14 with a lot of interesting activities in mind which included:

  • 1.Yoga
  • 2.Creative Thinking Skills
  • 3.Mandela Art
  • 4.Pebble and Pot Painting
  • 5.Origami
  • 6.Baking

... Learning a foreign Language (Spanish)and Story telling

We had enrolled about 15 children who participated actively and thoroughly enjoyed the camp.Taking into account this success and a lot of pressure from both children and their parents we organized a back to back summer camp with a different set of activities apart from this which included; Zumba/Taichi Life skill Classes

Cookery and Baking in which the children learnt to make pastries, cookies aND SMOOTHIES.On the conclusive day we had a surprise for the Children in the form of introduction to “ Beat Boxing” by Mr. Mark which was received in enthusiastically.All in all not only the children but even the dedicated resource team came out enriched and energetic from this experience.

"Abalashrama" A programme for NGO

On 12th of March Samathvam India was invited by Ablaashram for giving a session for their resident girls. The session began with a melodious invocation song by Ms. Sangeeta Bhatkal followed by a demonstration on the importance of correct breathing techniques which was actively participated by the children.

After that Ms. Sangeeta conducted 2 activities which emphasised on the basic life skills of team building and communication. The girls enjoyed both these activities and were able to pick up the essential points which helped them to introspect further. Dr. sindhur then had a small talk on how to improve their life by making a small change in their lifestyles which would go a long way in improving their health and positivity. The girls listened with rapt attention.To conclude there was a wonderful folk dance performance by Ms. Vinutha which was received well by the girls.


A casual request by a well wisher for some TAMBOOLA Bags for function was the initiation into making bags on a larger scale supplied to Organic shops . Looking at our product we got more orders .The Order’s were promptly stitched by Ms. Chitra Ubhagkar.

As one of the well wisher contributed a whole lot of beautiful saris, we at samathva upcycled these saris into beautiful tailored Lehenga set for Children by our own Ms Chitra which got sold like hot cake, And we got a lot of positive comments from all those who bought these sets.

As part of community service samathvam stitched bags to participate in the distribution of these bags filled with sankranti items to 250 BBMP workers of malleshwaram.

Workshop and Exhibitions

A has been the tradition conducting 2 exhibitions annually. We did have our exhibition in JUSTBE sadashivnagar and in CANARA UNION malleswaram there was good response at both places and our aim of encouraging home made products and handicrafts was complied with.

There was an active participation for baking conducted by Mrs Rajeshwari for 2days for women and children.

A workshop on warli Art was also conducted by Mrs. Sindur Nagaraj and the participants learnt the history , culture of the warli tribe along with the warli form of Art. Various Murals and coasters were made very enthusiastically by the participants.

International Yoga Day

One June 21st being the International yoga Day samathvam organised an online protocol devised given by the Govt of India which had almost 30+ participants.