It is the universal balance that has to be achieved at all levels of body, mind, and spirit. 

"Samathvam" has achieved over the last 10 years, in bringing together a wide range of activities, educational and motivational. It aims at the good health and well-being of all.

"Samathvam" is involved in endeavors in bringing together Yoga, meditation, Taichi, Sanches, Melas, workshops, courses, tours, and social work.It has created a platform, in the form of 'santhe' for women entrepreneurs, to make them wholesome in all ways. Supporting NGOs, home-based and organic products was the next step in our journey in bringing people together.

We at Samathvam believe in service, trust and simplicity.

"Samathvam santhe" brings you Products s that are an exclusive collection of Saree's, Cotton handloom, Kantha work, Jacquard and Embroidered, in jute and linen. Trendy unstitched Dress materials, Kurtis, Tops, and Dresses. Customized upcycling of old sarees and products for sustainable fashion. Bed linens, bright woven baskets of natural fibers, and bags of all variety and colors.

wildlife photography, colorful birds, animals, and landscape in the form of Calendars, Frames .lovely potted plants, succulents, and irresistible handmade macrame potholders. 

Natural and Organic food products like Dry fruits, Edible Seeds, Berries, Spices. Quality ghana cold-pressed and Virgin Coconut Oil.Specialized premium quality homemade cakes, chocolates, and desserts. The vegan menu comprises 100% eggless and dairy-free vegan delicacies like cheesecakes, chocolates, cookies, brownies, variety of bread. caterers specialized in service with top hygiene, quality, and care for all occasions.

Biodegradable, universal washing gels and sanitizing products. Handmade unique, home decor, pooja decor, metal jewelry, key stands, wooden coasters, and many more.

As a prime duty towards organization s involved in altruistic service to the challenged and the underprivileged, samathvam is happy to present their products in our santhe. Handmade Paper products by Urvee, women hygiene awareness by the MITU foundation, Block printed products by Nav Prabhuthi trust made by young autistic students.


Dr Sindur Nagaraj

Dr. Sindur Nagaraj, Ayurveda physician, and yoga therapist, practicing in Malleswaram since 30 yrs. 

She is an integrated medical practitioner and has a holistic approach in her treatments ranging from Ayurveda, Allopathy, yoga, diet and nutrition, Pranic healing, and general counseling. 

She is soft-spoken, sharp, friendly, and always ready to help with a smile. Experienced in minor surgeries, therapies, yoga classes for general and therapeutic ailments. Specializing in yoga during pregnancy. She has been active during this corona pandemic in distributing homemade masks , telemedicine  and many people have benefitted from her  " immunity kit ' 

Shilpa Ramaswamy

Executive Co ordinator to Samathvam.

Working as lecture for commerce in reputed college.

Aparna Shetty

Director (finance)mudra electronics Ltd.

Member of Bharat soka gakkai an organisation practising Buddhist philosophy.

Executive member to Samathvam.

B com, CAIIB, montessorian and a counsellor who also is actively involved in imparting lifeskill to children.previously a banker served in Indian bank for over 2 decades and then an early childhood educator and served in various institutions for the past 15years. Currently associated with samathvam as a volunteer.

Pannag s

Executive designer- Architect.

Designer of samathvam logo , brochures and posters

Yoga Classes can Transform your Body, Breath and Mind.